Olmec manufacture a comprehensive range of Air Powered Hydraulic Pumps, Air/Oil Boosters, Workholding Cylinders, and Pneumatic and Hydraulic Jacks.

Olmec Air Operated Pumps are used as a low cost, non-electrical solution to pressurize a hydraulic system with air-hydraulic intensification ratios ranging from 5:1 to 265:1.

Olmec Pumps are used to supply pressurized oil, emulsion or water circuits.

The pumps operate with a reciprocating motion, single acting or double acting, powered by a pneumatic control valve, that stops when the maximum hydraulic pressure is reached, maintaining the pressure in the circuit, without using any more air. If the hydraulic pressure drops, the pump is automatically restarted to restore the pre-set hydraulic conditions.



The most common fields of application are :

Hydraulic tests on seals with oil or water.
Supply of cylinders for clamping, assembly and maintenance equipment.
Fixed or mobile emergency work units, oil or grease lubrication systems.
All environments with an explosion risk
Laboratory testing.

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E2 Systems


Alfamatic manufacture a comprehensive range of Hydro-Pneumatic, Manual and Electric Power Presses with force capacities ranging from 1 Ton to 100 Ton.

The advantageous feature of the Hydro-Pneumatic presses is that the approach stroke is pneumatic, with a fast approach. When resistance is met, the hydraulic stroke 'kicks in' with a much more intensified force to achieve the operation that is required.

A big advantage to pure hydraulic applications is that cycle time can be drastically reduced.


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A complete range of Drilling, Tapping and Milling units, either pneumatically or electrically operated.

You will find units for Drilling, Tapping and Milling installed wherever increased rates of production are required. They are a cost effective means of automating each relevant process.

E2 products are known world wide for their quality, durability, precision and power. Each series of E2 unit is the most compact in the market today.

E2 customers benefit from the high quality product with less down time and reduced operating costs. The compact design of each unit together with total availability of CAD drawings and models makes the design of a machine more straightforward.

E2's concern for the worker and his environment is evident in all E2 products. Low noise levels and non lubrication features eliminating oil mist in the air is a common feature of the E2 product line.

E2 self feeding units utilize a built-in hydraulic feed control system. They combine precision with power, enabling a high level of precision, also in multi spindle head applications. The extremely compact Air Hydraulic drilling units and Lead screw tappers are ideal for drilling/tapping smaller holes. E2's electro-pneumatic and electro-hydraulic units can be used when more power is required. The precision and durability is not compromised.

The E2 product line also includes non-feed pneumatic units, perfect for drilling, as well as milling, slitting and grinding.

E2 Systems

E2 Systems
E2 Systems

Drilling diameter capacities from :

1.5mm to 25mm (Steel)
3.0mm to 35mm (Aluminium/Brass)
4.0mm to 40mm (Plastic/Wood)

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E2 Systems